DCTDAO token is live: 0xb566E883555aEBf5B1DB211070b530Ab00a4B18a

Cross-Chain DEX
The Future of Cross-Chain Interoperability

DCTDAO is the first Quantum Proof Cross-Chain DEX, including Polkadot and more.

DCTDAO will be available via your favourite IDO/IEO soon!

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for Value

Enjoy a fast, scalable and Cross-Chain DEX including staking and rewards, with Polkadot and ERC-20 functionality.


Building a stable cross platform chain bridging the DCT token with the new DCTDAO platform.


Enjoy near Gas-less fees (fraction of a US cent) on a fast (2000tps) Blockchain connected with the most popular DEFI protocols on the market.

Built for value and an interconnected, secure future
The DCTDAO token will provide staking and rewards to users of the DCTDAO DEX on DCore. Utilising 6 years of DAPP development experience, DCORE Blockchain is poised to be the most inter-connected, scalable and secure Blockchain on the market, fully future proof with Quantum Security upgrades.
DCTDAO gives holders a new way to participate in a secure, gas-less, interconnected and open market DEX, defining the future of the interconnected Blockchain world.
The Most Interconnected Blockchain Ever

Wrapping DCT, moving completely towards DEX and upgrading the DCore Blockchain is just the first step in complete decentralization, not only for development and governance, but also for the very core of ‘DCore’!

With future DEX development, Quantum proof, and multi-chain upgrades to DCore, future partnerships and platform upgraders will completely create a cross-chain solution to reap the benefits of any Blockchain protocol.

Quantum Proof

The development doesn’t stop here, within the next decade, Quantum computing will revolutionise all aspects of the digital space, yet with it, the security of the Blockchain protocol can also be in jeopardy.

In conjunction with some of the most respected Quantum Security companies in Europe and North America, DCore will be upgraded to be fully ready for a Quantum future.

  • Conceptual creation of Platform
  • Whitepaper
  • DCTDAO Token launch
  • ERC-20 Wrapped DCT Launch
  • Beta Ver of Exchange Launch
  • Community Expansion
  • Cross-Chain Beta
  • Polkadot WDCT and connectivity layer
  • New Exchanges
  • New Wrapped protocols
  • Partner Development
Platform Ecosystem
The Governance token for the community to hold and get rewarded in, as well as for developers to get paid in.
Wrapped DCT token fully integrated and shifted into DEX for trading on multi-DEX platforms and cross-bridged tokenomics.
Multiple DAPPS for the ecosystem from upgraded wallets, to a new DCTDAO DEX.
DCT Token Burn
With a buyback and token burn, 6% of the entire DCT volume will be burnt in the next 3 years to create continued value for the DECENT community.
DCTDAO, future of cross-chains and community voting.
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